Anavatos, Chios
Creation of a photorealistic 3D representation of an ancient village.

Assess sun study and shadow impact.

Measure geometric features such as lines, polygons, surfaces, volumes.


Tower St. Peter, Andros
Recontruction of a photorealistic 3D model of cultural structures.

Theoretical restoration of damaged parts, re-creation of original geometry.

Measure geometric features such as lines, polygons, surfaces, volumes.


Urban area, Marousi, Athens, Greece
Generation of a 3D city model to visualize and assess urban environment by rendering 3D geometry of physical / artificial terrain surfaces, buildings, vegetation, infrastructure, architectural details.

Implementation in a wide range of applications (telecommunications, urban noise studies, urban planning, architectural designs, cadastre, navigation systems, GIS, emergency management systems) for processing, analyzing, managing, exploring and presenting 3D spatial data.


Saturation, Imperial Satsuma (height 80cm) 19th century
Reconstruction of a photorealistic 3D model of an imperial satsuma vase (physical dimensions 0.40m x 0.80m).

Processing multiple images with digital photogrammetry methods for rendering 3D geometry and object texture in high resolution.

360o virtual tours / Virtual Reality Presentations

We provide presentation services of 3D environments we create using 3D mapping technics, in a virtual reality environments.

Reality capturing applications can now be rendered in a virtual reality environment using comfortable VR headsets and virtual navigation tools with teleportation or physical movement abilities, immersing the user to a photorealistic experience.

Explore physical environments or individual properties in 360o Virtual Tours. Ideal for promotion purposes

Areas of activity that can benefit from these services are applications on Civil Engineering, Architecture, Archeology / Culture, Real Estate.